Synthwave Assassins

A collection of 1000 assassins that will compete for the same goal: killing specific targets of corrupted humans. Who will be able to find those targets and claim their bounties? Let’s finds out!

Profit Split:

50% will be used as a marketing fund for all Abstrakts collections.
25% will burned to fight inflation.
25% of profits will go to the bounty vault.

See Utility / Use cases below for more info!


There’s no rarity, every assassin has the same power as another one. If you want better odds to kill, Get more assassins to create your own brotherhood, OR create one with other owners!!!

Utility / use cases

The most important one: really cool art to use as PFP. It’s important for us that you like the art first.
The assassins use a lot of energy to find their targets; because of this, 25% of the profits from each assassin will be converted to XPR and burned. (We will send 25% of each sell to token.burn, a deflationary utility to help Proton)
Every assassin will compete to kill weekly targets. When an assassin is able to do so, he will earn the prize of the Bounty Vault.

What is the Bounty Vault?

25% of each sell will be sent to the bounty vault. Each week we will announce new target(s), with a specific kill date. At the kill date, we will find out which assassin(s) has killed the target(s). The money will be split (or not if there's only one target) to the winning assassin(s). The target will be an NFT (Mafia gangs, hackers, managers, who knows!).

The assassin(s) who kill the bounties will receive an NFT of the target as well the prize money in the Bounty Vault.

If there’s more than one target, the same assassin can kill more than one target.