The Year is 2069, and the Cyber Punks are the citizens of the Protonian Metropolis of Fall City; a futuristic dystopia, where technology, crime, and reputation reign.  Fall City is a breeding ground for punks and criminals whose goals are to be what are known as "Super Cybers". Super Cybers are the bosses who run Fall City. In order to get to the top, Cyber Punks need more than just toughness, strength, and ambition; they need to be able to flex their cyberware, weapons, territories, and know how to survive. There are a total number of 600 Cyber Punks that will be minted, not including upgrades, weaponry, healing goods, and Fall City territories.

See below to learn about the Cyber Punks Rarity System and what it takes to become a Super Cyber!

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Rarity System

The rarity system is a color code that is displayed in the overall hue of each cyber punk and their upgrades.
(ei. See image on left/top)

Rarity by color:
Pink - Common (50%)
Green - Uncommon (28%)
Blue - Rare (14%)
Red - Legendary (8%)

Cyber Punk Upgrades

Each Cyber Punk needs FOUR SPECIFIC PERKS in order to upgrade their status to eventually become a Super Cyber.
(ei. See image on right/top)

1. Weaponry
2. Cyberware
3. Common Items
4. Territory

Once a Cyber Punk holds all four perks, he will be fitted as a Super Cyber; the top boss of his territory.

IMPORTANT: All required perks and cybers need to be burned by transferring them to the cyberburn wallet in order to receive your Super Cyber.

Cyber Class Info

Passive Income

Passive Income

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